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Friday, January 28, 2011

Who will follow Sandra?

This is Sandra. Isn't she beautiful?

Sandra is now resting peacefully in the arms of The Father. Sandra couldn't wait for her family any longer. There are so many children just like Sandra who are waiting, who's time is running out!  Do you have room for one more bed in your house? Do you have a spot for one more at your table? Do you have enough love in your heart? Look at all these children who are waiting! 


Linnea said...

This sucks! One friend just lost her baby at 14 weeks another just had twins one of which has trisomy 18 and it doesnt look good, now this. Come Lord Jesus Come!

Be blessed

Bethany said...

So sad. :(

Jackie said...

Okay, bawling and my heart is broken. Sandra was one of my Christmas Angel Tree angels. She truly is an angel now, I received two beautiful ornaments with her picture. One was from my mother and the other from my sister. I will remember her every year as a place her beautiful face on my tree.

Darkcopperpot said...

Oh my God, this is a nightmare!! This beauty child died...I would like to adopt any of these Down children, but the adoption conditions are restricted for me, because I am a single man who live with my parents.

I write from Spain, congratulations for the blog.