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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How did you get here?

You may have noticed, on my right sidebar, I have a live feed that tells where people are coming from to get to my blog. Some people have me bookmarked, while others come via someone else's blog. But there are many that come via google search. Wanna know what they search? These are the most common, in order of frequency (with links to the post the search brings them to):

Dog nails : People have a lot of questions about their dog's toenails! Seriously I get 3-4 hits per day on this topic, which cracks me up. The biggest question is "does the quick grow?" one person wondered, "Will my child get sick if she eats dog toenail clippings?" Ummm....eeeeewwwww!!!! For those of you who searched, YES, the quick (or vein) in your dogs nail grows along with your dog's toenail. The longer the nail, the longer the quick. So if you've gotten behind on trimming your dog's nails, it's going to take awhile to get them trimmed down short. Each time you trim the nail to the EDGE of the quick, it causes it to shrink back a little bit. So, trim your dog's nails each week and before you know it he'll have tiny nails that won't be marking up your floors!

The Witch Tree : Yep, that comes in number two. I'd never heard of it before last year, but apparently it's quite popular. People from all over the country search for this thing. Can someone tell me, how did you hear about it? What shocks me even more is I get at LEAST 2 hits on this every day.

Palate Expander : Lots of people looking for pictures of a palate expander, and wondering how it works, and is it really necessary for their child. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't the best thing for Angela. Oh, she needs it! But her swallowing is too unstable for her to be comfortable wearing it. She was awesome about me cranking on it, and cleaning everything, but she couldn't eat at ALL while it was on. That was one very long week!

Narcoleptic Insomniac: You see, I have Narcolepsy (I was diagnosed about 12 years ago, as was my son Noah when he was then 12) and there are periods of time when I don't sleep. Thus, the title of the post.

Achalasia : Angela's palate expander causes us to find out exactly what IS going on with her swallow. This landed us at Mayo clinic, and getting lots more scary news. There will be an update on this later this week. By the way, Angela's specific type is called "Cricopharyngeal Achalasia". Which is the fancy way of saying the cricoid cartilage of the esophagus in the pharyngeal (upper esophagus) region, and "achalasia" which means difficulty swallowing. Put it all together and you have difficulty swallowing in the region of cricoid cartilage of the upper esophagus in the pharyngeal region. Aren't you glad you asked? Again, check back later in the week for updates about this issue!

"What causes Down syndrome?" : Well, October is a good time of the year to find that information, since it's Down syndrome awareness month! But this question brings people to my blog a couple times per week.

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