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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crazy busy


I have a mid term tomorrow and Friday. So far tonight (well, it's now 1:22 a.m.) I've been scrambling to get the last of my assignments done for one class that ends on Friday. My day tomorrow looks like this (and I'm sooo thankful I only have one kid left at home!):

8:30, Angela to the ped. for a UTI and a funky looking eye.

10:00..Drop Angela off at school, and run to MY school to seek out two people who hold documents I need to turn in on Friday. Hopefully I can take 5 minutes to glance at the vocab needed for my Weds night midterm.

1:30 pick up Angela at school to bring to the U of M appt. Beg for H1N1 Flu shot while we're there. (I wasn't going to have her get it, but now I'm determined that she IS going to, since it will attack her respiratory system right away.)

Race home. I have to give an oral report tomorrow, which I'm totally unprepared for. Well, I have it in writing to turn in, but I need it put to note cards for my oral report.

6:00 class. Give oral report and take Midterm exam.

9:00 come home and start doing this week's assignments for Medical Terminology (2 chapters, the female reproductive system and the endocrine system) Test is on Saturday. Start cramming for Friday's final.

Thursday is just a lot of home work. Same with Friday but Angela doesn't have school. The weekend will be spent doing a HUGE report I've been putting off, but is due next week on Weds.

UGH.....Where's the Calgon?

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