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Friday, October 16, 2009

On costumes and dating

Today I took Angela to get her Halloween costume. She spent 6 months saying she wanted to be a "jail person" (aka, a prisoner) and her buddy Adam was going to be a cop. About a week ago she changed her mind, and wanted to be a "green monster" instead. Funny, since she won't even go INTO the Halloween isle because it's scary. LOL

So today we went searching for the green monster. I pointed out a couple and she's covered her eyes, "Too scary!" and refused to look. Finally she decided to look for something else. Hmm...maybe she would be a cop like Adam AND Carl? We went into another isle where the build-your-own costume pieces were. I pulled out a light blue police officer hat...

Me: Here Angela, here's a cop hat.
Angela, with a complete look of disgust: "Mom, that's a MALL cop!" (apparently "mall cops" are a bad thing. LOL)

Tonight while I was at class, Dean and Angela went to Wendy's for dinner. While they were eating Angela excused herself to the bathroom. When she came back she slid into the booth and said, "So, where were we on this date?"

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