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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Best eye exam ever!

Who can say that about an eye exam???

So, I've been waiting for my insurance to kick in so I could get several long-overdue things taken care of, one of them being an eye exam and getting new glasses. Mine were a couple years old and badly scratched. (stuffing them in my motorcycle hip purse will do that.)

Let me back up a bit. Three years ago I was evaluated for lasik eye surgery, and was told I was a "perfect candidate". Not only that, but if I hurried and got it done before I needed reading glasses, I could have mono-vision done. That's where they slightly over-correct just one eye, and leave the other one alone. Pretty much the same thing that's been done with Angela's eye glasses. Anyway, they said, "But, get it done quick because you're almost 40 and will need reading glasses soon, and then the surgery won't work."

Now I'm 42

People have been telling me, "I bet you'll need reading glasses this time." and to be honest, I've been obsessively testing my ability to read fine print. LOL

Well, I can't really afford the eye surgery, which is the only reason I haven't done it. But I'm tired of wearing glasses. I used to wear contacts 10 years ago, but with my astigmatism my corneas were too steep for the contacts to be very comfortable. However, contacts have changed a lot since then so I had decided I would get fitted for contacts at this appointment as well.

So to the eye doctor I go. I get to there, and wait for a full half our past my scheduled appointment time, because there is some guy ahead of me and I can hear him asking 5.,000 stupid questions. But hey, they're HIS eyes, and he wants everything right. Meanwhile I had an appointment AND I have a class starting in 45 minutes. I purposely scheduled this appointment so I had time to get to class right down the street.

Finally the woman doctor comes to get me. As she shakes my hand she says "Have you ever worn contacts?" "Ummm yeah, actually, thats one of the things I wanted to do today, was get fitted for them again."

"Don't waste your money!" She says. Then she starts talking a million miles a minute: "I'm not going to charge you for the fitting, because I kept you waiting so long, AND I'm going to give you two free pairs of contacts, one for astigmatism and one without because some people say the astigmatism ones aren't very comfortable. THEN, I want you to go get evalulated for lasik."

Ok...she hasn't even LOOKED in my eyes yet!

I tell her I was evaluated a couple years ago, but couldn't afford the $1500 for one eye.

"Oh...the cost has come down so much since then!" (finally she's looking in my eyes.)
"Uh huh...uh huh....yep....uh huh....Your vision hasn't changed AT ALL since your last visit! It is probably the most stable I've seen for a 42 year old."

So, I'm thinking she's getting kick backs from one of the lasik eye places. "Which place would you recommend going?"

"Oh, you can go to any of the big ones. They've all got pretty much the same equipment. LasikPlux...Vision Centers, they're all good. I have heard that Dr. Whiting is no longer with LasikPlus, you could try him too. I've heard he's the lowest in town. But really you can go to any of them."

This reminds me of another question to ask her, "What do you think of Latisse?" She gets all excited, "Oh! Look at my eyes! I've been using it for three months!" She looks me right in the eye and gives big blinks. Her lashes look fantastic! "So, do you want me to write you a script for that?"

She gives me a pair of contacts to try on. They feel great, (and will last a month to 6 weeks!) and she also gives me another pair to bring home. Then she hands me free solution and cleaner, etc, along with a prescription for Latisse.

I walked out of there wondering what in the world just happened. Seriously all of that was in a 15 minute visit. And... I DIDN'T PAY A SINGLE DIME! I'm loving my contacts, but i know I'd love lasik even more. Dean just paid for my major surgery 2 months ago, there's no way he's not going to pay for this one. But..hmmm....Ok I need to ramp up my other business!

So, that was my really great eye exam yesterday.

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