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Friday, October 23, 2009


I think it's safe to say Dean and I are stressed right now. Prayers would be a good thing.

There just feels like too much stuff happening at once. School is a HUGE thing on my plate right now, and I keep thinking "I've only been at this for 8 weeks. I have two more YEARS ahead of me!" And..umm...HELLO two of my classes are easy! (the just eat up time. grrrrr) But I know I'm supposed to be here right now. I know it. And I enjoy going to classes. The work hasn't been super hard (well Anatomy is!) The other night we were watching "Brothers and Sisters", and one of the brothers is in a REAL anatomy class (with cadavers. blech!) and learning "the hand", which we just finished. The hand and arm is grueling! Do you know how many muscles and nerves are in there??????? OMG! Do you know how many bones make up YOUR WRIST? UGH! And they all look the same. And every little bump on them has a purpose. But, I digress...

So, there is school. There are the dogs, which have been mud-soaked for 2 or 3 weeks now thanks to the fact Mother Nature seems to have a bad case of H1N1! Muddy dogs means a muddy house all.the.time!!!!

Of course, there is Angela's behavior, which is a constant. I've gotten "that call" from school every day this week. Except yesterday. Yesterday the phone rang at 2:59, and school was on the caller ID. When school calls at 2:59 it's because something happened causing Angela to miss the bus. They're swimming at school this week, so all of her behavioral problems have been related to that. It just so happens that swimming is their last class before bus time, so if Angela has an issue, she misses the bus. So yesterday I answer the phone at 2:59 with, "I'm headed to the car right now." Only I was wrong! Her teacher replied, "No! She's on the bus. It's just I've had to call you every day this week, so I wanted to be able to call with something positive!" Then proceeded to tell me how swimming went WELL because of an extra script they've added to help Angela make it through the transition from pool to locker room.

So her Thursday may have been good, but the rest of the week not so much. I have a TON of homework this weekend, so was looking forward to Angela going to her dad's so I could work uninterrupted while Dean is trying to get fall outdoor projects done. Only someone named "Harold" is sick at her dad's work, and for some reason when "Harold" is sick, it means her dad can't take his weekend with is kid. Ok, I'm going to keep my mouth shut and not say anymore on the topic! Those that know the story know this happens on a REGULAR basis. Today there is no school, and I'll be trying to right a final paper for one class, that is due at 4:00 this afternoon. Say a prayer, will ya? LOL

Then, of course, there is the whole medical mess that is Achalasia. I spent most of yesterday on the phone (when really I should have been doing my paper that is due today!) with either the U of M, Boston Children's, or the state of MN. And every time I watch Angela eat, I want to cry.

And then there are "other stresses" that I'm not going to mention here. They just exist, and they put a strain on everyone in the house. They're normal things, but we have too many abnormal stresses so the normal ones seem bigger I guess.

Ok, no more downer posts! Blech! Pooey! Wrong way to start the day.


Lund7 said...

Sorry you're having such a crazy busy week! Do you think Angela would ever like my girls to come over and just hang out with her so you can get homework done? They could play games, listen to music, play games on the computer...Call me if you think that she would like that. It would be good experience for my daughters and they would enjoy getting to know Angela! They are off of school for 3 days with nothing to do!!!

datri said...

Wow, you certainly have a lot on your plate!! Hope things get less stresful soon!

Anyway, in the "synchronicity" file, I'd never heard of Achalasia before you mentioned it, and then I was watching one of those Law & Orders and the victim had Achalasia (she was mistaken for a rival drug mules because she was taking teeny tiny bites of her food).