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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update on Dr. visit

The specialist at the U of M is writing an "Emergent" letter of recommendation to the state of MN stating that Angela MUST go to Boston for highly specialized testing ASAP. She's also calling Boston to have them schedule her asap as well. One of her many questions was, "How soon can you travel?" We could go as early as the end of next week, or it could be a month from now. It all depends upon how fast the state of MN and the Boston clinic can work things out.

She did say that Angela also needs rectal manometry done, because chronic constipation often goes along with Achalasia, and it's important to find out the cause of Angela's constipation. It could be she has nerve damage there too. So, she'll be having that testing done next week on Weds. Please pray for her, this is horribly embarrassing testing to go through at 13 years old, and she'll be completely awake for it.

We're also trying to figure out how Dean can come along on the trip. I really need him there with me, and Angela will be thrilled that he's coming along as well. (he rates far higher than I do! LOL)


Tamara said...

lots of prayers - I was kind of wondering what was going on with this. Glad they were so quick to get her in and get the letter off -
Hope you can find a way for Dean to go -

Beverly said...

keeping you all in our prayers!