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Monday, October 12, 2009

First big test

Tomorrow morning is my first big test. Only, I won't have time to review in the morning before I go, because Angela has an orthodontist appointment. UGH!

I have no information in my head related to what is on this test, all the information we've studied over the past 4 weeks gone from my memory. What I studied 2 days ago is gone, replaced by what I studied tonight. If I open a book right now (midnight) whatever I take in will replace what I studied an hour ago. Man, I hate that feeling!

So, either I know the stuff or I don't. Our professor, ever confident in our abilities, had told us we'll all fail this first test, but never fear...we'll have a chance to retake it. Your reaction was probably the same as mine.

So Lord, please let all of this information miraculously appear in my head tomorrow! Let me fill in the blanks correctly, match the right letters to the right words, remember all my directions. You know where my weak areas are Lord, and I trust in you to see me through this test!

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