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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Question of the day

If you could have any superpower, which one and why?

Ok, I've thought about this one since it was posted 3 days ago, and I finally figured it out. I want to be "Paper thin woman"!

No, seriously, think about it. First of all there is the obvious benefit of being "Paper thin". What comes with being paper thin? Well, light as a feather, of course.

Now, think about this: How many times have your kids been in their rooms with the door shut, and it's VERY QUIET in there, and you reeeeaaaaly want to know what's going on in there but you don't want to disturb the peace? I mean, they could be playing a game on their own (gasp) or reading a book on their own (bigger gasp) or.....(biggest gasp of all) SLEEPING! Ahhhh but "Paper Thin Woman" could slip under the door unnoticed and find out exactly what's going on! However, if you are mom to teenage boys, slipping under a bedroom door unnoticed is not recommended! I'm just say'in......

Or, what about the staff lounge at your kids' school. Don't you sometimes want to know what they're saying about your kid? You'd have to be prepared to realize that not everyone thinks your kid is cute though. I don't think everyone at Angela's school thought it was "cute" when she was walking around calling everyone "Dumbass". WE thought it was kinda hilarious, though of course we didn't TELL her that!

I bet Paper Thin Woman could unlock doors, kinda like you do with a credit card. (does that even really work?) I'm thinking I must have been having dreams about unlocked doors, because it seems all I can think of for Paper Thin woman to do is get to the other side of closed/locked doors. LOL

What else could paper thin woman do? Well, she could fly anywhere, pretty much. Just fold her up and stick her in an envelope, and she and Flat Stanley could travel the world together.

So, join in here with me. If I were Paper Thin Woman, what are some other things I could do, that I can't now as "Not-so-paper-thin Woman"?

1 comment:

Molly said...

You could get a side job as a locksmith! or a kite!

That is an answer I have never heard before! I applaud your creativity!