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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The apology video


Kathie Brinkman said...

Ugh. This hits me so deep in my gut. It breaks my heart. Most people have no clue what it takes to care for a dog for their entire life. It's a 12-16 year committment that can be as big as raising a child.

Jeremy and Brandy Buffington said...

Leah, this was a beautiful post! (I also posted it on my facebook page).

Lola (blue girl '07) has been healthy as a horse, but Violet (doodle from another breeder) was a different story. After months and months and MONTHS of expensive vet bills (and no answers), we were looking serious medical conditions. We had a choice to make--keep the puppy, give it back to the breeder, what were we going to do?

One of the things you taught us as doodle owners is to never ever, EVER give up on our dogs! Despite the vet bills, we knew when we got this puppy WE were now it's owner and WE were responsible for her well-being. You don't have a child and abandon it if something is wrong, why would you do the same to a helpless animal?

Fortunately for us, it turned out our puppy just had a severe food allergy. Going forward, we opted to purchase pet insurance so we'd never be in the postion of making a tough decision between money and doing what's right for your pet.

I think too many people enter into pet ownership not thinking about 5, 10, 15 years down the road. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful video.

You'll be happy to know, Lola will always, always, ALWAYS be well cared for no matter what. There's always a solution!!!

Take care,