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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FYI: Angela's Cell Phone Usage

Some of you have seen this post on Angela's blog. (and yeah, I know, she hasn't written in forever!) She's very good at using her cell phone now, and only occasionally calls the wrong person. (she has a lot of "D" names in her contact list. LOL)

But, some people have made the mistake of saying things to her like, "Hey, call me on your cell phone!" which means for the next 2 million days she's going to ask me over and over and over again for that person's phone number! And, if you're dumb enough to say that to her, knowing she has the memory of an elephant and forgets NOTHING, then I'm going to oblige her and put the number in her phone, because I can only stand the begging for so long people!

I didn't know that she got up at the crack of dawn this morning and was calling people before she woke me up. I think she intended to call Dean at work, but remember what I said about all those "D" names? It's about time she wakes her Dad up. I have to get up with her every day of the week, he can get woken up once in awhile. It's not my fault he's not always in the same time zone. And Dan, you ASKED for it. And you weren't home tonight...Tuesday...when you told her to call you because she could COME OVER. Seriously, this is all I heard this morning before school and all evening once she got home. "Dan said I could come over on Tuesday. Can I call Dan again?"


Tamara said...

Oh - I had to take shawen's away. He keeps calling this girl ... Part of me feels the same way. She gave him the number!!

Sheila said...

Could I give her Michael's number? Maybe she could get him out of bed in the morning...