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Monday, October 26, 2009


People often ask me, "Why do parents adopt these kids with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe? Aren't there kids here, in the U.S?" That is a question I can easily answer. First, in the U.S. there is a waiting list of families who want to adopt an infant with Down syndrome. People who don't know DS think it's a tragedy, but those who know often want more. Secondly, even for children in the foster care system in the US, the care is far superior to those who were unfortunate enough to be born in Eastern Europe. And last, but certainly not the least important, God could care less about national borders. God chose us, and he didn't specify that we live in a particular country, did he?

Here is what life is like for children with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe. Next spring I'll be traveling with my friend Shelley to bring her two little boys with DS home from Bulgarian institutions.

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charlie said...

oh That is Horrible conditions and treatment! it is like its 1944 at a concentration camp!
Heather's Dad