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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Day in the Life

Today was the first warm, pleasant day in ages. Ok, it was only 1/2 a day because a small but severe storm blew in late afternoon. Still we were able to mow the jungle back yard that needed before we left for Philadelphia but it was just too wet. So it waited another two weeks, which we really debated paying someone to bale the stuff!

We were still able to get some play time in. Axel helped me plant some flowers, but I forgot to take pictures. It was pretty funny, because he really wasn't interested in having that dirt on his fingers. He did it though. Cuz he's a trooper.

When that was done, someone needed to clean up the mess! Axel LOVED the broom, even if it meant a near heart attack for both Dean and I. What I loved is the REAL Axel is back, giggling away! I just love his giggle. We have no idea exactly what he's giggling about, but this is his "trouble" giggle, which means in HIS mind he's doing something potentially naughty. LOL I think he's trying to bug Angela in some way, but the rest of us were clearly oblivious to it. I don't know if you can tell in the video, but there are a couple times when he starts tipping backward. Then, just two seconds after I stopped recording, he went stumbling foward several feet, with me lunging from behind hoping to get hold of his shirt. (you know, the velcro one that would have given way!) Dean? Didn't even flinch. Yeah, that was the end of sweeping.

Then came snack time, and chillax'in! Angela is just getting over yet another sinus infection (I swear this is like the 10th...or 100th... she's had since November!) so her face is kind of a mess. But hey, she was OUTSIDE, which is very difficult to get this teenager to do sometimes!

How about some soccer? After the experience with the broom earlier, I wasn't about to let Axel mess around with running and stuff. Nope, not till that halo comes off! Don't you just love his laugh? He's trying to get the dogs with the ball. LOL But Angela and Axel LOVE kicking the ball with each other, so Axel wasn't about to let a little halo stop him.

Weather Axel realized it or not, he was tired after all this. After all, he did just have major surgery less than two weeks ago! How well I remember overdoing things myself! It was time for mom to help the little boy find a pillow and a blanket, and settle in for a nap. I was *really* tempted to join him, but a storm was coming in and there were a couple things to finish outside. I managed to get the strawberry bed weeded and play a little soccer with Angela before the tornado sirens went off.

When the day was over, it was time for one of our new evening rituals. Actually, this happens twice a day now. Morning and night, we have to clean Axel's pins. Dean has yet to do this, because he says it creeps him out. Really? What if it creeped ME out too? Then who would do it? Something tells me it's time for Dean to clean some pins. Anyway, Axel gets really chatty while we're doing this and I've been trying to catch him on video, but Mr. Smarty Pants stops talking when he knows the camera is going. Tonight was no different, but I still tricked him to talking a little bit.

So that's a day in our life. What did you do today? Do tell!

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