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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Axel's Language Development

So, I found out something interesting about Axel's language development. (His Speech Therapist will love this, I'm sure.)

For the first two years of his life, Axel was in an environment where Serbian was spoken.

Next he was moved to an environment where Hungarian is used. The children were rarely talked TO, only AT, which is very different.

After several years he was moved to another location where either Hungarian or Serbian is used, depending upon who is working.

Then he was moved to the foster home, where Serbian is spoken.

After two years he came home to us, where we speak English.

Do you think he might have given up at some time? I know I would have! Poor kid! Each of these languages have different sounds, requiring the tongue to make different movements. About the time he'd be ready to understand or use the language, he was moved.

He sure seems to be understanding a lot now. I would venture to guess he's getting about 70-80% of what we say. (it helps that we're signing as well.)

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