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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Tale of the Toothbrushes

Lets back up to Saturday when I arrived in Belgrade, and my flashing toothbrushes attracted the attention of Customs. My bag was confiscated, toothbrushes removed (and played with be the customs staff as they realized when you move the package a certain way the little lights go off.) boxed up, wrapped with security tape, and I was told to come back on Tuesday to get them. I asked if I would have to pay to get them out of customs, because this is a donation, and they insisted, "Oh paying for donation because of customs."

So yesterday Mary and I went to customs to get the toothbrushes, but the staff was not working that day. You know, because Sunday was a holiday, making Monday....and apparently Tuesday too...a holiday. We were told to "come back tomorrow."

Well, it's tomorrow now (Wednesday for those like me who are starting to loose track of time!) and we still can't get the toothbrushes. It's not the $200 import tax that is stopping us. It is the fact every single toothbrush must be individually inspected by "sanitation control", to make sure they are clean.

Seriously. They're in FACTORY SEALED PACKAGES.

And...we may have to pay for the inspection.


If that's the case, we'll be leaving the toothbrushes in customs and eventually the customs employees will take them home for themselves.

Insert big fat sigh here.


Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Leah. . . next time . . . keep a package OUT and OFFER the custom's officers tooth brushes for their kids . . . tell them you broughtt hem along JUST for the cusomt's officials . . . because they are so neat and you love to give them away. . . ;-) You may find that the tooth brushes go through without a hitch. Kind of works that way on the Mexican border at least. . . I know it goes counter to our thinking but truly . . . it works. Might still work at this date but dunno?

Jackie said...

Well that sucks! What a pain, you'd think it wouldn't be such a big deal.

Nance said...

Well at least someone will have clean teeth.......300 someones!!! LOL! What a pain. Hope everything else is going well. Can't wait to hear more.