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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Guess What I'm Doing Now?

Do you know what I'm doing now?

Yep, packing! It's time to go home, and I'm ready.

It's been a long, very emotional week here. Thankfully God has been preparing me for several months, and I was able to complete all the tasks He set before me. These tasks were no small feat, and involved the assistance and cooperative thinking of several agencies and organizations, both Serbian and American.

My heart is still broken about Ianna. I just want to be done. There is really nothing *I* can do (nor has there ever been) but there is certainly much that God can do. I have done all that He asked me to do. I'm weary. It's like an elevator door that is closing, and you kind of want to get off. You put your hand out to stop the door, but at the same time want to pull it back because instinct says you're going to get hurt.

And so I head home.

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Milena said...

I'm sorry I wrote that comment about Ianna. Not that you don't think about her without comments! I'm so sorry that there's really nothing to be done :-( My heart breaks for her and for you.