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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How About Some Humor?

There are only a few situations in life where you can't find any humor at all, and I'm all about finding it even in the worst of them.

1) Axel has fantastic range of motion, even in the hip the graft was taken from. Yep, he can kick a nurse who's way up by his head square in the chest.

2) Axel can be in the middle of a mad, crying, painful rage, and still manage to say, "Signing Time" to make us forget what we're doing.

3) Axel is intentionally waiting for me to get right in his face to cough. What a sweetheart.

4) Axel grabbed a male nurse in the crotch while getting moved to the toilet.

5) Axel just peed a HUGE amount. More than he normally pees in a 24 hour period. He let out an audible "Aaaaahhhhhhh" when he was done.

6) A male nurse and I were just discussing the fact they cannot tuck Axel's hands under the blankets because it takes away his communication. The nurse proceeded to tell me how his good friend works at the area school for the blind and signs all the time. I'll let you process that one for a minute.

Not funny but VERY sweet, as we were getting ready to move him this last time, I was leaning over Axel's head to move some tubing. He was mad and screaming because he was anticipating being moved when he suddenly gave me a GIANT pucker, wanting me to kiss him. Poor baby!


Twilson9608 said...

#2 & #5 are my favorite ones and a great way for me to call it a night! Glad to hear that he still has his spunk!

Kim said...

Praying for Axel tonight.