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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Haircut

Last night Dean's parents brought dinner over. Oh, that was so nice not to have to think about dinner! We had a "shave the head" mini celebration. Axel needed his hair cut before Monday's surgery because we're looking at 6 months with no haircut and no hair washing. NICE! Anyway, I took lots of pictures. (blogger makes the pictures appear out of focus. Click on them to see them better.)


Imogen said...

These photos made me cry! Axel is THE cutest boy ever. Both Axel and Angela are ever so blessed.

Gosh - need to go wipe my eyes now.

Beautiful photos!

Imogen said...

I left a comment earlier... and now several hours later I've just popped back to take another look at these pics and am crying all over again lol!

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family. Look at the laughter in the eyes of your children - wow, such love shines there.

OK off to wipe my face again!

Linnea said...

Aww I love these pictures!!!! You are truly blessed. Good Luck on the surgery.

Be blessed


Becca said...

The first and the last pictures are my favorites. :-) I swear, that boy has the BEST smile! I think he is quite handsome with the new 'do.

dottie said...

Prayers that all goes well tomorrow. Hope it is not as bad as you think and that he will be feeling good soon. Love the pictures of all of you. Have a restful night. God bless.

Becky said...

Aw, love him! The last pic is great, everyone looks so happy. Praying for Axel tomorrow! And you. And Dean. And even Angela. :)