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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Parking Wars...for REAL!

Tonight Dean and I were watching a fun show. "Parking Wars". Have you ever seen it? We get a real kick  out of it, probably because it's not us having the problems. The episodes are usually filmed in Philadelphia, which we're quite interested in these days.

Tonight's episode had a segment about "No standing" zones. HUH? Clearly we are small town here in Minnesota, because I have never heard of any such thing except in front of an embassy. (don't try to take pictures there matter how cool the ornate wrought iron fence is. Ahem!)

So I turned to my trusty friend google, and looked it up. I found one of the funniest..albiet posts I've ever read. I think you might enjoy it, and, if you live in Minnesota you'll be glad. We're simple folk here, I think.


Molly said...

Totally encapsulates NYC parking. I lived in the city for four years and drove ONCE, and that was to drive an ambulance. I hattttte driving and parking in NYC. I can't parallel park for my life, so I can't drive in the city.

Becca said...

Ha! We lived in Philly for years, and I remember how totally confusing their signage is. Actually, my husband and I had a very lively conversation recently about that very same Parking Wars episode and the difference between "No Standing" and "No Parking." LOL