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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

News and Thanks

First, BOTH Axel and I got a good night sleep last night! WOOT WOOT! I didn't hear a sound out of Axel after about midnight, and even that was just for a couple of minutes. His nurse kept him loaded up on meds, and watching his monitors closely for signs of agitation before he even woke up. (changes in heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) Axel easily becomes hypothermic even on a good day, so his body temp is running a little on the low side, but otherwise he's doing just great. I've had a shower and everything already so I'm ready to start the day. (ok, well those who know me also know that by 10:00 a.m. I'm going to be contemplating a morning nap. LOL)

Dean and Angela stayed at Ronald McDonald house last night. I skyped with them around 8:00, and Angela got to see Axel for just a second. Dean said she was in bed all of four minutes before he heard her snoring. Hopefully Dean got a good night sleep too, because we're switching kids this morning and he'll be on Axel duty.

Today will be a difficult day as we start bringing Axel's pain meds down a bit, then tonight or tomorrow we'll move him out of PICU and back down to his regular room. Ok, I am off to find a toothbrush!


Tamara said...

Glad the surgery went well - now the real work begins, right? Hope he adjusts to the halo quickly! Lots of prayers -

Linda Lacher Goddard said...

I logged on to check up on Axel today. We're sending lots of love and positive energy from here in Minnesota. Tell Axel that I can't wait to see him again and that I miss him. Take care of your self. God Bless, Linda Lacher Goddard