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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding the Balance

Finding the Balance - Axel's balance that is! He's working hard on getting mobile again. He can now walk independently, but still needs someone RIGHT there should he loose his center of balance and start tipping over. This is especially true with cornering! LOL

Two days ago he sat in the little play chair and drew on the easel. This is the lowest he's gotten to the floor since his hip is still pretty sore. It's also the first time he's drawn a face without someone getting him started with a circle. After I put the camera away he added ears, hair, legs and arms. Gotta love the unibrow! LOL

Yesterday he played the Gone Fishing. He LOVES this game! It's pretty funny to watch his mouth as he's catching the fish. Anyway, having this game has been helpful in getting him to stand for longer periods of time, all while working on balancing and reaching. Even though I stand right there with him all makes Dean very nervous though. (if you watch closely, he signs the color of the fish he's going to catch next. Everything he does is always very purposeful.)

Today was a first: First time playing on the floor. He actually got there pretty easily considering how sore his hip has been, but had a difficult time getting up OFF the floor. We had to motor plan this together. ;-) Anyway, first he built his usual tower of blocks, then took it all apart and made a little more complicated tower. He has really missed his blocks! I think when his birthday rolls around real legos are in order! (Good thing we have the Lego store at the Mall of America just 10 minutes away.)

As you can see, he plays very carefully with his blocks. He's very intentional with them and when he's building something more than just a tower, he puts a lot of thought into which block he's going to use next.

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