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Monday, May 23, 2011

Halo Clothes

Part of my detailed halo posts is for other parents who are going to be dealing with the same issues we are now facing. I've only been able to find a few websites. The people I know personally who've had to do the fusion surgery for their kids with DS, thier children are much younger and smaller, so we have a little different situation.  Each of our kids have their own unique circumstances to deal with.

Ok, we have tried a couple different options for shirts for Axel and the DO NOT work without alterations being made to them. Because of the width and positioning of the uprights, button-up shirts don't work. The one he wore home we cut at the shoulder and it was ripped to shreds by the bolts by the time we arrived in Minneapolis.

There are a few websites I've found that have patterns for altering shirts. One is by Capital Health, and another more detailed one by the University of Iowa Department of Orthopedics.  And since it's summer time, muscle shirts cut at the top seam with velcro placed there would work as well.

I am off to find a sewing machine, so in my spare time I can alter some shirts! LOL

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