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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Far from Home

Let me first say that Dean is doing a darned good job at home with the kids, as is our morning home support staff who is making sure they're getting on the bus on time. (the last time I left, Dean posted on his FB that he'd only gotten Angela to school on time twice while I was gone, so clearly, there are improvements!)

And, today there are more improvement. This afternoon I was on skype with Dean when Axel got home from school. When I asked Dean why Axel was wearing a Pajama shirt to school, he told me that all his other clothes are in the washer! That means laundry is getting done. (and I'll ignore the fact Axel is wearing pajamas to school.)

Axel is, of course, being a pill. There are a couple rules about going to school. 1) No hats allowed. Axel LOVES baseball hats, but there are no hats allowed at school, so they're just something to get lost so it's silly for him to wear them. 2) No toys to school. That one is pretty obvious and probably doesn't need any explanation.

So, Dean was a little surprised to get Axel off the bus to find him wearing his Twins cap. Hmmm...pulled one over on the home support staff. LOL Once they got in the house, Axel went in the other room while Dean opened Axel's backpack to find his magna doodle and toy cell phone in there. Dean called Axel back into the kitchen and told him to open his bag, and take out the toys. If I could get a million dollars for Axel's guilty look, I'd be so rich right now. Nobody can ever tell me Axel doesn't know when he's breaking the rules.

But everyone is alive, and healthy, which is what's most important. This is little stuff. It could be much worse.

Oh wait... there is school, which is another post all together. It's now 5:51 at home, but 12:51 a.m. here in Belgrade, and I have to get up early. I'll have to save it for another time.

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