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Monday, May 30, 2011

Announcement from Serbia

Yesterday I told you there would be news out of Serbia today.'s TODAY! LOL

On April 10th, 2010 I met Ianna. (not her real name)  I was introduced to her by the corrupt facilitator who was also the doctor at the facility. The facilitator begged my companion and I to advocate for Ianna, and to help find a family for her before she was transferred to the institution. The child who Dean and I decided to pursue, only to find she was not legally available for adoption. She now sits in an institution for older disabled children in Serbia, desperately in need of medical attention.

Together with Ianna was this little guy. This is Srecko (pronounced Srechko), and he was Ianna's BEST friend in the orphanage. He was like a brother to her, as they were in the same group and did everything together. Nearly every picture we received of Ianna, or that my friend Tammy received of Srecko had both of them in it. We were told Srecko often looked out for Ianna.
This child was perhaps one of the brightest lights of hope in the entire facility. He stood OUT! He was so happy. He asked, "Are you my new mama? Did you come to take me to America?" You see, Srecko had been told he had a new Mama and Tata coming, and he hoped we were them. He had waited a very long time, he was ready!

And then a mess happened, and everything came to a screeching halt. It nearly completely destroyed the friendship Tammy and I had.  But God is all knowing, and he knew what needed to happen. I thanked Him profusely when Tammy and I were able to pick up where we left off.

Finally, in recent weeks,  the Adoption Unit in Serbia was able to straighten out some things regarding Srecko's registration for International adoption, and a week ago his Mama and Tata were told to the time had FINALLY COME! 500+ days after committing to him, Srecko FINALLY met his Mama and Papa today!!!!

My heart is doing backflips today. For Tammy and her husband for sticking it out and seeing God's plan to completion, no matter what the hardships were. For Srecko who will finally know the love of a FAMILY, and will never ever ever know the fear of transfer to a facility for older children.

But my heart also breaks for one little girl. My Ianna. How many times Tammy and I talked of how wonderful it would be for both Srecko and Ianna to find their way home, so they could continue to see each other since we live relatively close to one another. She lost her best friend when she was transferred. Ianna...alone...rips my heart to pieces.

But today is a joyous day for Srecko, and I couldn't be happier for him. There was other news out of Serbia today too, which I'm not yet at liberty to share, but when I received it at 6:30 this morning, well let me just say I was walking on clouds. I wish I could say that it was about Ianna, but it was not. But it gave me hope, and I will never give up on her. Ever.

Thank you Lord for all your blessings given today! Now, if you'd like to follow Srecko's story, please visit my friend Tammy's blog and help them welcome their new son home in just a few days!



Oh my God !!!
That is so awesome !!!
I have been waiting for this day for Srecko to come home to his famiy..I am so proud of Tammy and Dan...
We can't wait to see pictures of them all together as a family...

Karien Prinlsoo said...

Wow, it is such great news!!! I remember last year when you asked people to donate for him! I sowed the seed for Ianna....still praying for God to create a miracle for her and you.

Tamara said...

Great news - What an adorable little boy-

Becky said...

This is great news, I'm so happy for Srecko, Tammy and family!