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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

yittle teeny tiny toofers

Angela's teeth are teensie weensie little things. Yesterday at the orthodontist they were TRYING to fit the bands that go around 4 of her molars, which, when it's all put together, will keep the palate expander in place. They really had to dig to find bands small enough, and the ones they found they'll have to make some modifications to. 

Yesterday was all about fitting the bands, then taking another impression with the bands in place. The impression is used to make the palate expander that will go into her mouth next week. She wasn't super thrilled with the band fitting today, but she still did great! Even when somethings bothering her she keeps her sense of humor and has the staff rolling. LOL

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Monica said...

Adam has really little teeth too!! Hmm maybe that is why I keep putting off calling the ortho-