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Monday, March 23, 2009

Salad anyone?

One thing we KNOW Angela inherited from her dad is his psoriasis. She doesn't have it anywhere near as bad as he does (actually, if you see psoriasis medicine flyers with HORRIBLE cases of  psoriasis, they are probably pictures of him. For real, as he's been in lots of studies because his is so bad!) Anyway, Angela has a few patches on her body, but her scalp is covered with it. If you've never seen scalp psoriasis, go google it. It's not pretty.

Recently her dad called and asked that I try this on her. It won't get rid of the psoriasis, but it will get rid of the awful scales for a few weeks. 

First, you cover the head in olive oil. Doesn't Angela look thrilled?

Next you add a shower cap, so that the oil soaks in. Wear the cap to bed so the oil stays on the head all night.

Then you give your mom a big smile to show her how much you appreciate her trying to clear up your scalp, and just exactly how much you love the feeling of oil on your head, under a shower cap, AND the prospect of wearing it all night long!

Well, you didn't say there was a TREAT in it for me! DUH!

So, how did it work? Well, the next morning we washed out the oil. It washed out very easily with two washings. Oh my gosh, I've never felt hair so soft! Even 3 days later it's still super soft!!! And the scales are GONE! She still has red spots of psoriasis, but no scales! Works for me!


Beverly said...

That is great that it worked so well! I love her photos of not being happy to wear that cap to bed: )

Arizona mom to eight said...

I have psoriasis too, the guttate type on my body, the plaque on my head, elbos and knees. At one point I was the estreme and nasty picture of guttate, yuck. I use oine tar soap on my skin, it works wonders getting rid of the scales, but I am trying that olive oil idea, my scapl is killing me right now. Thanks!

Monica said...

Love the pictures!!!!

JennyH said...

She looks SO thrilled!! love the pics. I bet her hair was very soft. I am surprised it washed out to easily though.