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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For my chocolate loving readers

Admit it! You love chocolate, and you know it! Do you know that some of the best chocolates in the world are made in Serbia? Well, I know a boy named Grifyn who was born in Serbia, and a year ago found his forever family right here in the U.S. 

Grifyn has Down syndrome, and you know from reading my blog what happens to children with DS born in Eastern Europe. They are placed in orphanages, and if they're not adopted by the age of 4 they are sent to a mental institution where most die within a year due to the poor conditions. (think starvation, malnutition, dehydration, lack of  heat,  children tied to cribs, and pretty much any other horrible image you can think of and you'll be on track.) But Grifyn was one of the lucky ones! A family chose HIM! In fact, he was the first child with Down syndrome to ever be adopted out of Serbia. The Bedford family also went to Ukraine and chose his brother Xander!

And now they're at it again, only this time they'll be traveling to Bulgaria, where they're SAVING this child who has already be transferred to an institution. It is very rare that a child is allowed to be adopted once they've already been transferred. Once the transfer is made, the child is usually, for all intense purposes, dead to the government. But THIS child...this child will be saved from what is usually a death sentence. 

In honor of Grifyn's one year anniversary of  his "Gotchya Day", he is giving away a basket of Serbian chocolate! Every $10 puts your name in the drawing for the basket, with all the proceeds going help bring his newest brother home! Go here to find out more details!

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