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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taller and taller

I took this picture of Angela this morning after she got ready for school. (by the way, notice the colors? Not only did I not send her to school in kelly green, but I sent her in pirate colors! LOL) Shortly after taking the picture, I went to get a class out of the cabinet, and had to have Angela duck her head because she's now tall enough for her head to get knocked by the upper cabinets! Wow, when did THAT happen? 

And so I measured her, and she's now 4 ft 9". That's tall for a girl with DS at 12 years old. In fact, it's tall for an adult woman with DS. I noticed this weekend that she's taller than several adults with DS I know, but she's also shorter than a few too. I've been told, however, that she's not going to grow much more, and really, her velocity has slowed considerably in the past few months. Now, instead of growing UP, she's growing in other directions. LOL

Speaking of those other directions, Angela is quite proud of the new parts she's acquired lately. Before getting into the shower she spends a lot of time in front of the mirror admiring all those parts too! A sense of modesty didn't come with them though, and she frequently walks out of the bathroom buck-ass-naked to tell Dean something really important about her day, which sends Dean's hands over his eyes and him calling, "ACK!!! No naked girls in the living room!!!" 

This is my fault though. It's not unheard of for me to get out of the shower and realize I still need clothes, and run down to the laundry room to get some. I waited a long time for my boys to get out of the house so I could loosen up a bit, and now I need to go backward again because Angela doesn't get why it's ok for me and not for her. LOL So, now I've been hamming it up, "GASP! Dean! No boys in the bathroom when I'm in the shower!" "ACK! Dean! No boys allowed in the bedroom when I'm getting dressed." and stuff like that. 

Not too long ago, when Angela was in bed for the night, I had climbed into the shower (which is also my evening decompression chamber. LOL) and Dean decided to join me. (No really, It's because we went green and are trying to conserve water.) We were talking about our day and didn't hear the bathroom door open, which is funny since it's very rare Angela is actually QUIET! So we're chatting away when all of a sudden we hear, "GASP! Dean! No boys allowed in the shower with my mom!!!! You get out NOW!"

Yeah, we about died laughing too.


Beverly said...

Too funny about the shower!

Anonymous said...

She is tall, and gorgeous!!! :)

Kristen said...

I actually noticed how much taller she looked last night! So beautiful!!!

And, good thing I wasn't drinking anything while reading about the may have come out my nose!!! :)

Lora Leigh said...

That is hilarious about the shower! I think it's funny that she admires herself in the mirror too! She is so grown up now!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

SO funny! OMG!!! LOL
:) You have an award waiting for you on my blog!

Arizona mom to eight said...

Oh my, I am not looking forward to that, though I am the opposite and not even my teen daughter sees me unclothed, I have always been extremely and overly modest. Meghan is beginning to push dad away if she need help in hte bathroom, so I guess she is more like me too?

My mom and sister used to walk around nude all the time, and I always was the odd girl out! LOL

Tom P. said...

Mikey is a little nudist too. We keep joking that we are going to have to find a group home in a nudist colony. I'm going to have to check how tall Mikey is. I'm pretty sure that he isn't as tall as Angela.