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Friday, March 13, 2009

School Play

(edited to add: This is one of those random posts that skip around in no particular story order. I think it's just me processing the day, really. LOL)

Tonight Angela and I skipped SOS Players so that we could go see her middle school's production of "Willy Wonka". They did a great job, and she had several friends who were in it.  The Oompa Loompas were a.d.0.r.a.b.l.e! 

I did get extremely annoyed with the high schoolers sitting right in front of us TEXTING through the entire first act. Now, I could care less that they're texting, it was the glow of their phone screens driving me nuts! And, you all know how good I am at keeping my mouth shut! At intermission I let them know it was very distracting and disrespectful to those sitting around them, not to mention how rude it was for the people on stage! I'm happy to report there were no glowing phones during the 2nd act!

So I have to back up a bit. It seems lately that I'm constantly being reminded that I underestimate my daughter. I'm amazed at how frequently I do this. I'm not sure how it happens, because I'm very aware of the things she's able to do. Maybe it's my fear in watching her grow up, and letting her try even more things than she already does. (is it possible for there to be MORE???) We ran into a group of teachers who all said hello to Angela. She informed them, "No SOS tonight. I'm seeing Wonka wonka instead. (she calls it wonka wonka. ROFL) One of the teachers asked me about SOS, then said, "You do keep her very busy"! 

UGH! I know she's busy! I know because every day when she comes in the door, I'm getting ready to get her to some activity or another. Now most would say I'm doing too much with her. Let her just be a kid. but they're all things she's asked about doing, and I've agreed to give them a try. Besides, Angela and boredom are a BAD combination! On the weekends we stick pretty close to home, and she drives us crazy most of that time, making for very long weekends. It's turned out to be not-so-great having friends over, as they either end up being scared to death of the dogs, or they get the dogs so wound up that I'm going nuts. That, and she just doesn't have much here for friends to do. She doesn't "do toys" and hasn't for a  long time. In fact, I just got rid of the last of them. (why store them if she doesn't touch them?) She likes her pretend play, and her friends are very much beyond that. She likes to play Wii, but if a friend is here she prefers they play "jail" with her and ALWAYS be a willing victim of the handcuffs.  

Don't get me wrong, Angela is excellent about entertaining herself, but there's only so many hours she can do that.  Since it's just the 3 of us, Dean and I are the constant playmates, and we're really getting tired of "jail" and "hospital". If I hear another "hands behind your back, you're under arrested!" I'll loose my mind! I always wanted to have one more baby after her, because I didn't want her an "only" for so many years because the siblings moved out. I was in exactly the same place at her age, and  had a tendency to adopt neighborhood families. LOL But God had other plans, and there is no younger sibling. 

I consider myself VERY lucky right now. Angela is the only kid at home, and I'm not employed outside the house, so I have the ability to get her to all this stuff. When my boys were this age they were limited to one sport/activity per season, because I had to get 4 of them to everything while dragging the little sister along. (although the little sister loved it, and now loves to cheer on her cousins at all their games!) Next year, if I find myself back in school, things might be a little more boring around here for her. I bet I'll be employing more PCA's!

Last fall, in the week before school started when we were there for orientation doing things like getting school pictures taken, lunch accounts taken care of, etc. there was also the opportunity to sign up for the school play. They do a regular play in the fall, and a musical in the spring. I didn't let Angela sign up because we're way too busy, and I wanted her to stick to SOS for the year.

Guess what? Next year there is NO WAY she's going to accept that reasoning! Some of her activities are going to have to go. She wants to be ON stage with her friends. I don't think she'll accept being one of the tech crew. Though she loves having a job, she really wants to be ON THAT STAGE! Her whole world is about acting out some show, or reenacting her school day at home. She memorizes things very quickly. Last year's performance for SOS was ok. It was her first time on stage, and brought many tears to the eyes in the audience, but there is always room for improvement. This year she's working really hard on how to deliver her lines with the emotion intended, the same way she does when playing at home.

Oh yeah, the play.....

After the play, she found each cast member and told them what a great job they did. She also purchased a rose for one of her teachers who's on the crew and was very excited to give it to her. Next year, she's going to want to be on the receiving end! LOL

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Kathie Brinkman said...

I don't think you have her too busy. It is so great that you have the time and resources to have her in all these activities. Whatever she wants to and can really do--go for it. I hope Katie can find some activities to do in her middle school next year. We just seem to have a hard time finding things that she's interested in and that fit her ability/attention level and that we can AFFORD! I think you're doing great with Angela; she's blessed to have you as a mom.