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Monday, March 02, 2009

To my adult children who have "moved out"

A note to my adult children who have moved out. 

You forgot to take your stuff with you! Remember when I called you a few months ago and said, "Come pack up this stuff that you left in the basement bedroom, or I'm throwing it out!" Remember that? 

Well, two of you came (there have been 3 of you in that bedroom in the past 6 years and you've each left stuff behind!) and you each packed up a couple of boxes, and then LEFT THEM. What is wrong with you? What part of "come get your stuff" is so tough to understand? 

Ok, so I tried to be understanding. I know when you're couch hopping that you can't really ask the owner of the couch if you can store stuff there. But it seems you've both been settled in various couches (or are they beds now?) for a few months. To me that's called "living there" and not "couch hopping". Especially when you're paying "rent". 

Do you remember two weeks ago, when I called again and said, "No, really, I'm throwing the stuff OUT!" Neither of you have shown up, so I am now assuming what is in that room is no longer important to you, so I have spent the past 2 days bagging up stuff. 

I am shocked at what I am finding. 

Not just the items themselves, because I don't think anything would shock me. (well, one sent chills up my spine!) It's the sheer VOLUME Of stuff that was in that room. I had NO IDEA a you boys could cram so much SHTUFF into such a small area!!! 

Since you haven't actually SEEN that room for some time, I'll remind you that it's L shaped and approximately 200 square feet. There was A SMALL walking path in there, and that's it! I knew there was a bed somewhere, and I found it today! 

I have moved everything to the main living are of the basement and sorted it into three piles. There is the "donate" pile, which includes amy item of clothing that is still wearable. There are EIGHT garbage bags of clothes in that pile, some of them brand new. If you have found that you're short on clothing, I suggest you get over here before the goodwill truck comes on Tuesday. 

There is also a "craigslist" pile. I'll use the items in this pile to make a little bit of cash, which will be used to repaint the walls you have collectively wrecked, and replace the carpeting that is beyond any steam cleaner made. 

The last pile is the "trash" pile. I really need to rent a dumpster since there is so much of it. Unfortunately that's not in the budget, so instead I'll throw out a couple of bags per week. 

The rest of the stuff that is in the closet belongs to Dean. Today I made the mistake of saying, "Hey, look what I found!" This created a small fit of excitement, as he wondered what else was in there that he hasn't seen in YEARS! It didn't take me long to realize I wouldn't be able to go any further until he is away at work. 

Apparently what had been in that room was vacuum packed, because once I moved it to the living area, it expanded exponentially. It literally tripled in volume. The living area, which is about 800 SF is FULL. I actually sat in the middle of it and CRIED because now I have this HUGE mess to deal with. 

The good news is, one day with Dean gone and the room will be completely cleaned out. Your sister will soon be moving in there. After all, she LIVES HERE, and yet has been stuck with the smallest room in the house. Thank God she doesn't collect stuff!



Kathie Brinkman said...

Good for you Leah! Get rid of it!!!!

abby said...

Hey Leah - if you really are getting rid of all the stuff, can I have any t-shirts you may be donating? I use old t-shirts to make hats for infant safe-birthing kits. Old t-shirts are perfect because they are nice and soft.

You can drop a bag (or 6 from the sounds of it.) at AllBreed and I'll pick it up this Saturday.



Tamara said...

Oh - I have the same problem except their still here and they won't go through their childhood stuff. You are so right - It had to be vacuumed packed. You've inspired me though. I'm going to start going through it and figuring out what needs to go to goodwill and what just needs to go! Wanna come help? :-) It's warmer here.

Monica said...


Christina said...

Yes, deal with it now! I recently wrote a post on my blog about a 91-year-old mom who still had stuff in her garage that belonged to her 65-year-old kid!