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Monday, March 02, 2009

Cell phones

So, I'm in the  process of teaching Angela how to use a cell phone. She doesn't NEED to know this yet, but as with all things, I have to teach her BEFORE she needs to. It's called "pre-teaching". 

Anyway, I have a second phone on my plan that has just been sitting here to send along with PCA's who might take her places, but they all have their own cells so they don't need it. I figure if she can repeatedly get into computer files I told her to stay out of, she can get into the directory on the phone, so the only numbers in it are me,  Dean,  home, and her dad. It does not have internet, text, or picture capabilities. 

Even as simple as the phone is, I've been looking around for an easier one. The Jitterbug is just what I'm looking for. It's not baby-ish looking like the Firefly is. It's designed for adults, yet very simple. 

Unfortunately, Sprint, who I've been with for 7 years, doesn't have this phone available, and I need something that can be used with my plan. So I emailed Sprint to ask some questions about getting the Jitterbug. 

Here's the response I got from them:

Thank you for contacting Sprint. I am glad to assist you about the 
handsets available for you son.   

We do offer different handsets for specially able person. Though, we do 
not have the Jitterbug handset with us but we have phones with similar 

I have provided the list of the handset below: 

BlackBerry Curve 8350i Smartphone for $149.99 
BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Red) for $99.99 
BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Titanium) for $99.99 
Centro?by Palm  for $79.99 
Rumor by LG for $49.99 

Umm HELLO!!! What part of simple does a blackberry, a Centro, or a Rumor meet? (I have the Rumor phone, by the way) I emailed them back and asked them to have someone who knows what they're talking about to contact me back. 


Christina said...

I am new to your blog but my clever Google reader suggested I added it.
I have a almost 3 year old, very wild, bonus chromosome son, Vincent and we live in Austria.

I love your blog and the way you write. It is also funny to peak into what the future might bring.

And Sprint sounds great... go for the Titanium one?

Best Wishes fr Christina over at Prince Vince meets the World

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

good grief! That's ridiculous! I've heard a rumor that Verizon is going to buy out Sprint. I hope it does. We'll have a MUCH wider selection of phones!

countryjacket said...

All I could was shake my head after I read your post. How can anyone be so incomptent or ignorant?

Cara said...

I had Verizon and the same thing happened to me. I finally just paid to cancel my Verizon account so I could get a Jitterbug. Theres no contracts and it was the best decision ever!