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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Burn'in and slim'in!

Angela has started taking private swim lessons with her Special Olympics coach, "Coach Keanne" at the local Y. We've been members there for about a year but haven't used it NEAR enough! Angela really enjoys walking the track there, but wants me to "go away" so she can be on her own, only she wasn't old enough. Well, they've recently changed some of their rules there, which now allow Angela to use the track and some of the fitness equipment unsupervised if she goes through a fitness assessment AND is granted a certain color wrist brand.

So, today she and I had an appointment for her fitness assessment. I really just wanted her to be able to walk the track on her own and didn't think she'd be interested in the equipment. When will I stop ASSUMING I know what this kid will want to do?

Yes, Angela wanted to learn all the equipment she's allowed to use at her age. Of course, I can't remember the name of any of them. LOL Except her favorite, the ROWING MACHINE! UGH, my kid likes the rowing machine. LOL She did really well on that one too. There is even a fish game on it that is based on how fast/slow they're rowing, or how hard they pull back. Kinda cool1 Of all the machines she learned, the only one she didn't like was the recumbent bike. Funny, that's what she rides all summer! 

After she spent 45 minutes working out with the trainer, and earned her bracelet, we headed up to the track so she could learn the rules. She was already tired by this point, but she still walked 9 laps, which is just 2 laps short of a mile. Good for her! Next time I'll bring her MP3 player along so she has something to listen too. Her biggest concern was that I not be within her eyesight so she could be on her own. 

Angela once had a teacher who described Angela just right, "Fiercely Independent!"

I always try to keep Angela's weight in mind. When her activity level decreases, even for a week, she puts on weight REALLY fast! Think of all the adults with DS that you know. How many of them are at an average weight, vs. how many are overweight? Angela might just be in that category when she gets older, but I will know I tried to keep her active. Besides, keeping her active means I have to be active too. 

But Angela is STUBBORN, so I have to really think how to word things before I approach her. Word it the wrong way, and forget it. But, I can used her independence to my advantage: "Hey Angela, I'm going to the Y. Wanna come along, and walk the track by yourself?" This almost guarantees I'll get her out the door. LOL


Monica said...

That is so great!!! I like the rowing machine too Angela ;)

lovey said...

Good for Angela... It is so important for DS kids to keep fit..helps with sleep apnea. My roommate from years ago had DS, and she gained weight, her sleep apnea got worse, and she had a heart attack. She moved back in with mom and dad, and got her weight down, and now has better health, i.e. minimal heart problems. Best wishes

Jaimie said...

That sounds GREAT! There was a young woman with DS who worked out at the Lifestyles that I used to go to (she is about 3-4 years younger than me). My friend was her "community friend" and they used to go in together and work out with each other. M didn't need any help with any of the apparatuses (apparati?!) and often time she would come in without my friend Katie to work out. Her mom would drop her off after school and she would stay and work out for 2 hours (way longer than almost everyone else!!!) and then wait for her mom to pick her up.

We had a good conversation one the elliptical's one day...not that I'm all that great at talking when I can't breathe...she told me to quit complaining and get back on the elliptical ;)


Kathie Brinkman said...

very cool. so keanne is coming to you now. that's great. when did he work that into his busy schedule?