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Thursday, January 01, 2009


This morning Zurri was bothering me. Ok, not Zurri herself, but the fact the poor dog was a mess! Her topknot was so long she couldn't see and yesterda was seen bumping into furniture. LOL Time for a haircut! So, I spent all day working on the poor girl. First brushing her out, then bathing, then blow-dry with the HV dryer, then a haircut. This dog is the most patient dog EVER!

Once her haircut was done, I decided Roman needed to be done too. Well..he got 1/2 done. I'll have to finish the rest of him tomorrow. Once haircuts were done, it was time to dremmel everyone's nails. All our dogs are really good about this, but it does take training first! Those of you who run out and buy a peti-paws nail trimmer, don't think you can just take it out of the box and do your dogs nails. It usually takes several days to a couple weeks to train your dogs to get used to the noise and vibration before you can even THINK about doing their nails with it! (by the way, a Pedi-paw nail trimmer is just a dremmel with a cool cover on it that makes the grinding a little easier to control.)

With hair and nails done it was picture time. I realized I hadn't gotten our annual picture of the dogs in front of the tree! Usually Angela is in the shot too, but she'd already gone to bed by the time I got this brilliant idea. So, here are the results of our photo shoot tonight. LOL


SunflowerMom said...

I am so amazed that you can get 4 dogs to settle together for photos. You are a dog trainer master.

Monica said...

They look adorable :)