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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nightmares: Are they worth big bucks?

At 4:02 this morning I jumped awake, sitting bolt upright in bed, from the horrible scene that had just happened in the dream I'd been having. I won't give the details, except to say it was a gunshot that woke me.

I sat there in bed, my heart racing, adrenaline causing me to shake, and was sure there was someone in our house. It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened, that it wasn't real. That I was safe in bed with Dean next to me. Once I realized all of that, I started praying, and once I started praying I knew exactly why I had the dream, and I knew exactly WHO caused me to have it. I even knew WHY I had it. (it was because I didn't follow my gut instincts earlier in the day!)

Even though I'd prayed for the safety of everyone in the house, and all my extended family members wherever they may be, I still didn't feel 100% safe. Instead I stayed there in bed, wide awake, until Dean got up at 5:40. Once he was up I allowed myself to fall back to sleep, and didn't hear another sound until Angela woke me at 8:30.

While I was laying there wishing (and lots more praying) that I could just fall asleep peacefully, a thought came to me. This horrible dream would make an AWESOME movie. Not because I was terrorized in the dream. Not because the theme in the dream was something common to several million people every day. Not because it was horrible. It was because of the heroism of the last person you'd ever expect. Probably the combination of all of it would make for a great screenplay.

So now I want to know how to write a screenplay.


Kathie Brinkman said...

If you're really serious, I do know a professional movie maker. He probably knows someone who could write a screenplay.

Monica said...

Love your new look on your blog. Thanks for doing Coach Keannes schedule too!