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Monday, January 26, 2009

When did I get old?

I don't know when exactly this happened, but I GOT OLD! Do you want to know how I discovered that I've suddenly aged dramatically? It happened today when I went to take my college entrance test. Yep, I walked into the building and didn't see ONE PERSON who appeared older than about 25! 

Did I ever feel out of place. I saw all the new dental hygenists going into their area, all young and in their scrubs. I saw the vet techs, looking like they were quite impressed with themselves in THEIR scrubs with puppies and kittens all over them. Yeah, well I have scrubs at home too! Several sets in fact. All acquired while helping my kid struggle through another hospital stay. The don't make me puff my chest out like they did for these 20 somethings.

The first time I went to visit this school, the admissions guy gave me a tour of the building, and the program I'm interested in. So then he says to me, "Yeah, the instructor who teaches that program, she started later in life too."

"LATER IN LIFE"????????? Are you KIDDING ME?

I wanted to look at him and say, "Yeah, well did anyone ever mention that you look like you're about 12? And that you have no business talking to your elders that way????"

Oh well. So I'm old. I'm not even 42 yet. My age has NEVER bothered me before. My gray hairs? I've earned every one of them and wear them like a badge of honor. But today, I feel old.

Anyway, the test went ok. I hate that I read and type fast, because it makes me take tests fasts, which in turn makes me question my answers, because surely I didn't take my time. Today I read and re-read questions to the point that I read them TOO much. LOL For once I wasn't the first one finished. Nope, I was the second. LOL Oh, and the others taking the test today? All of them were probably 19-23 years old.

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Googsmom said...

Good for you Leah. You will do just fine :) Congrats and {{{{HUGS}}}}}