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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wee Haw!

That's what Angela says while on the back of her horse! LOL

It was warm here yesterday. was above zero. It was actually supposed to be in the mid 30's but it never made it past 22 here. Anyway, since it was going to be 'warm', I scheduled Angela's next riding lesson.

This time she got right on the horse and we didn't waste any time with the dramatics we had last time. She did a GREAT job, and her balance surprises me. You can see when she starts to get tired though, because her left side starts to collapse (which about causes me to have a panic attack wondering if her instructor is NOTICING the change that I have become so hypersensitive to! LOL When you hear me say "push with your feet" it's because I can see her leaning and I'm pretty sure her instructor isn't seeing it.)

Anyway, here's a fun (and not very long) video of her doing several different things on her horse yesterday. She's so stink'in proud of herself!

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Monica said...

Awesome, she should be proud she did great!!! I better not show this to Adam or he will want to go!!!!!!!!!