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Monday, January 12, 2009

Horseback Riding

Angela wrote about this earlier today, but I haven't gotten it published yet. However, I'm going to steal her pictures to write my own version! LOL

So yesterday was Angela's first day of horseback riding. We had to wait for a day that was "warm". (cuz we call 22* warm!!!) in order to go. (oh, and tomorrow we're going to have a "high" of ZERO!!!! ACK!)

Last summer Angela's PCA would occasionally take her to ride her horses. A couple of times she mentioned I HAVE to come watch, because Angela just loved it so, but I never made it. We no longer use that pca so Angela hasn't gotten an opportunity in quite awhile. And really, it was only a handful of times at the most.

Finally we've had a couple warm days forcasted, so I made the appointment. Angela spent the week insisting that she's going to ride a "Brown horse, named Buster".

Fast forward to yesterday. We got there and Angela was her chatty self, causing the barn staff to crack up at everything she'd say. Things like, "Horse poop? That's not cool!" or when I told her to remember her manners she'd respond with, "'s MY Life!" (can you guess that's how I got the name of her blog. LOL)

We get out to the barn, and her horse IS brown, but his name is Bud. (very close!) so she was thrilled. Of course, she was scared to death to go NEAR him, which made me question everything her former PCA told me. It took about 1/2 hr for her to warm up to him, and then she was an old hand.

I had given Angela the camera to mess with on the way there, so I was only able to get a couple pictures before my camera battery died. I wasn't able to get a picture of her ON the horse, nor video of her riding. (next time though, cuz I bought a new camera yesterday too! LOL) Anyway, I had NO IDEA Angela knew as much as she did. I had told her instructor Angela didn't need a side walker. Umm....apparently she didn't need an instructor either! ROFL She was riding around the ring ON HER OWN. (the instructor kind of followed along behind.) She knew how to neck-reign (steer) stop, and go. She also walked her horse over crossbars.

She was sooooooo proud of herself! I think the only reason I got her out of the barn without a problem is because her (and my) toes were FROZEN even with 3 layers of socks and boots. LOL

Angela learned how to use the timer on the camera. LOL I'm driving down the road and she's setting the camera on the dash to take pictures of herself. ROFL

Can you tell who took this one? LOL She got new mud boots for the barn. Those from the north know it is FAR too cold out for these boots. Never fear, she has THREE pairs of socks on inside them!

Stopped in the tack room for something. Angela was a little irritated that she was too short to reach and do it herself.

It was a VERY cold walk to the arena, and while it looks like we're walking on snow, it's glare ice underneath. Angela was slipping all over the place, so I offered my hand. Silly me! I got the "back off mom!" look, and she grabbed for her instructor's hand.

We have to wait for another "warm" day before we can go riding again, but now that I have a new camera I can get a video AND more pictures! WHOO HOO!


My name is Sarah said...

So cool that we both ride horses. I like your boots. Did you have fun?

datri said...

That is so cool! We stopped Kayla's hippotherapy because it's just too COLD for her right now! Can't wait to start back up in the spring.