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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Very Special Thankyou!!!

I need to say some very special "Thank you!!!!"s to several people.

There was Carie who had a huge order of Schwanz delivered to our doorstep, and a POLICE hat that Angela loves! THANK YOU!!!!

Bonnie who delivered a basket-full of dinner and other goodies to our doorstep. THANK YOU!!!!

Dean's aunt Linette and her husband Brad brought a delicious meat loaf, sweet potatoes and other fixings.

Dean's cousin Eli and Jennie came over one evening and made a night lasagna dinner.

Randy & Sheila who delivered a lovely crockpot meal that we'll have tomorrow night.

Kathie who delivered some heavenly soup, biscuits and other stuff the kids enjoyed for dinner a couple of nights. THANK YOU!!!!

Adriene collected from her friends and mine for gift certificates from Lets Dish, along with hunting down codes for specials! THANK YOU!!!!

Roc, Nance and family who took all five kids into their fold of MANY for an entire day so Dean could be with Angela and I at the hospital yesterday.

If I missed you on this list, please let me know. I haven't been home more than an hour at a time this week, and not there to eat, so I don't know what all has been dropped off.

We cannot thank you enough for loving on our family during this really stressful time. We have a couple more weeks (Please God, not more than that!) ahead of us as Angela's liver malformations are treated, and the frozen foods we have set aside will help get us through.

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