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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Back up plans

Angela is still in the PICU and will hopefully be having her tests tomorrow under general anesthesia, as long as she is stable enough. "Stable" is a relative term right now, because we can't get her stable enough to leave the PICU right now.

As badly as I need to be at the hospital tomorrow, all the other kids are out of school tomorrow and Dean cannot miss any more work. (neither can I, but......yeah....there isn't any other option) If any of our back-up people are available to watch the other 5 kids for the day, please contact me or Dean by cell.

Edited to add: Lots of people have volunteered to help out with the kids. We are greatly appreciative of those offers. Sadly it is NOT possible for someone who has never watched our kids, particularly the most difficult of the A's, to walk in here and leave in one piece. And I'm not even exaggerating. 

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Cindy said...

I hope Angela begins to improve soon.