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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

PICU Update

A quick update for those friends and family who aren't on Facebook.

Yesterday morning Angela's ammonia level was coming down, but only very slowly. Then around noon they started spiking again, and by 1:00 she was sleepy and struggling to stay awake. (she does this by talking NON stop! But if she stops her eyes are immediately closed and she's out.) Finally around 3:00 we found her levels to be in the 140's (goal is under 50) Unfortunately that means she has to have another 24 hours of the Ammunol, with the addition of Arginine. Overnight her blood sugar is all over the place so she is off and on Insuline, plus is on lipids and other stuff. I'm looking at her IV stand now and there are 7 bags hanging. Thankfully at the moment she is sound asleep. I wish her whole night had been like that.

She'll be on these two drugs until around 7:00 pm tonight (Weds Jan. 20) and we'll see where she's at. I can't even imagine if they had to do a 3rd round of the Ammunol. It would truly be terrible.

A bit if a funny. Sometime in the night Angela's bed discovered it has a mind of its own. Suddenly the head would raise, or the foot, or the whole bed would lift to the highest position, then back down to the lowest position. Its not Angela doing it. She likes her bed in a certain position and does NOT like it to be messed with. Girlfriend will be getting a new bed today.

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