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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Buying Time

I'm going to be very direct in this post. I don't know how else to be. I have no energy to be anything but direct.

In 2008, when Angela was 11, she was granted a wish from Make A Wish. We did Disney World and the other activities that are included with a MAW to Disney.

It was too soon.

Sitting in the meeting with doctors this afternoon was more than I could handle but I did it. I took in all of their information, I asked semi intelligent questions. Then when they walked out of the room I walked into the bathroom and vomited. And I cried the hardest cry of my life. Worse than the day I was told I have cancer.

Angela is being discharged either tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday. She will be relatively stable on band aid drugs, but only for a short time. The doctors are needing 2-3 weeks while they connect with other specialists around the country to get additional opinions and try to come up with something. Anything.

I can't go into details yet. I'm not ready to put them in print. But we want, we need, to get our family out of here for a few days. The last few months have been horrible and we're damaged. What is ahead will be worse.

We need sunshine, warmth and we need time together as a family without any outside intrusions. We need a family "Wish", if you will.

I don't know how we will do this, except a miracle. But on Monday I want to have my family in the van and be driving somewhere private, somewhere with warm sunshine and a pool, somewhere we can leave all of this behind us, if only for a few days. (Audrey has surgery on Feb 10th, so it has to be short.)

Who can help us do this?


Donna Cooper said...

I used to live in Florida. I have many friends who still do. I posted on my wall...not sure it will help, but you never know! Praying for you all. <3

KAylene Henderson said...

I reposted on my wall also

Tina Kacirek said...

Praying and thinking what I can heart is hurting but Im trusting God to do show up like he has done so many times in your life my friend.

Karen Allen said...

Can you start a Go Fund Me page?

Heather said...

Praying for your miracle! Your family (especially Angela!) certainly needs a break from the hospital and some time together! Hoping that some way, some how, you'll get the away time you all need!

Imogen said...

Please let me know how those of us overseas can help. My heart feels so heavy for you all, and tears are flowing. If there is any way I can help from over in Australia, let me know what it is I can do xx