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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Oh Dear

Today was kickoff day with my new workout team. Yes this is both an individual and team process. The group of 40+ women is broken down into three squads, and a couple times per month we do squad workouts  (think biggest loser team competition). I love this part because it will keep me accountable to them.

Today I mostly had my ass handed to me. Oh Dear Lord I can barely move tonight.

First we had introductions. Most of the women are existing members, then there are 8 or so of us who are new and doing the 5 month challenge. In the entire group I am at the more...ahem...older or "mature" end of the group. Even so, at 48 there are several women who older and the rest have a wide range of ages. Let me tell you though, the women who are older than me are in amazing shape and will take you out!!! Today during kickboxing I kept reminding myself that one day they were new, out of shape, and not bouncing around the gym floor. One day they had cement in their shoes the same as me!

The very first exercise, which was done with partners, reminded me that I hate working out. Here is the coversation I had in my head:

What the hell? It is not truly possible to get from the floor to standing like that at my age.

(Glancing at another memeber.) Hmm, she is older than me and doing it.

Oh dear Lord are we almost done? What? Not even 1/4 of the way.

I cant keep coming here. They will kill me. Oh but crap I already paid for it and Dean would kill me if I turned tail and ran.

She has amazing arms! Remember a few years ago my arms looked like that? They will look like that again.

Dang I just peed a little. I wonder who else is peeing here?

My ass is bigger than this matt. Wonder how long it will take me to fit on it?

GAWD I want a Mountain Dew!!

So when that was done we started the kickboxing class. Pretty sure I am missing some joints in my back since I can't move that way. But I will keep doing it. Because I must.

Then we newbies had a nutrution class. Oh man, so much to change. Never off duty, I did discover some things that will be helpful to Angela.

I came home and was afraid to sit down for fear I wouldn't be able to get up again. Tomorrow is going to be rough, and Monday I'll be at it again. I can't wait to get past this phase that is so painful.


eliz said...

When I was your age my "surprise" birth son was 1 year old and I was crying! LOL! Crying for losing my freedom!
Just mentioning this to give a little perspective that 48 can look different for a wide variety of reasons!
I'm in terrible shape (MS) but I'm sure glad at 58 I can't get pregnant again- LOL!!
Kick boxing?? Oh to lift my leg that high ever again.......sigh.
You can do it!! (((HUG))))

Sarah said...

You can do it, Leah! The first kickboxing class I ever went to- when I looked at the clock and realized it was only half over, I went to the bathroom and cried. It was really hard keeping up. The second class was so much better already. I haven't been to the gym much in a while, since I just had a baby 6 months ago, but I found out my gym added kickboxing classes while I was out. Hoping to get to some of them soon.