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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Gtube Care Kids


When Angela was little and had her first g-tube, I made special gtube pads for her to help keep her site clean and infection free. I don't have time for that anymore, but thanks to Amazon and Etsy, I have found a seller who makes GREAT pads! Cutie Button Pads

These pads come in a variety of fabric patterns appropriate for little kids as well as teens and adults. Angela LOVES to pick out her clean pads, and I love I can just toss the used ones in the washer!


Angela in the PICU is feeling well enough to pick out her clean Cutie Button Pad

She found her choice for the day. The soiled one will be tossed in the
 washer to be used again another day.

Now Angela has a new gtube, and spends a lot of time in the hospital. Her nurses are always surprised to find a cute pad on her stoma site, and they love the patterns! They are always impressed at the condition of Angela's stoma, with none of the irritation that comes from the medical gauze pads.

So I am starting a new project. I would love to donate a set of new pads kids who are getting a new gtube, and their parents who are learning to care for the stoma for the first time. I have created an Amazon Wish List with pads from Cutie Button Pads, the seller who makes the ones I buy for Angela. I have NO connection to this seller other than I like her button pads and they're the best I have found! If you would like to purchase a set of pads from the list, they will be shipped directly to me. I think you can include a card that says who contributed the pads. Thanks for helping care for these kids!


Allison said...

I sent ya some!

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