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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Abernethy Tyle II Malformation

We're almost there. Almost to the point of a final decision what we're doing. If only she could have just one thing going on!

1) She has Abernethy Type II Malformation - this is a malformation between the portal vein and IVC (the main artery through the body) which prevents blood from going into the liver to get filtered of toxins, like ammonia.

2) Her Portal Vein inside the liver has a large blockage in the form of a clot. They need to look more closely at that to determine if there is blood flow behind it or not.

3) Because of the Portal Vein blockage, she has developed lots of new little vessels, and they need to determine if any of them need to be closed off, left alone, or what.

4) they are not convinced her liver cells themselves are working fine, that all of this business may have caused damage to her liver over the years. They are taking her off ALL THE DRUGS that are keeping her ammonia down so they can see exactly how her liver works. They are also putting her back on full protein. This is probably the scariest thing for me. We will watch her very quickly fall asleep.

5) Her PICC line has failed so they're removing that in just a little while. We need to pray she doesn't need another line right away because it will be done under and emergency situation which is never what we want.

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