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Thursday, September 03, 2009

probably one of my stranger posts

I'm wondering when my face became so lopsided?

Tonight I was taking new "after" pictures for my other blog, and noticed that right side of my mouth is droopy. And the crease on that side of my mouth is lower as well. Hmmm...maybe my head was just tipped?

And then I looked at my eyes, and umm HELLO! One is higher than the other. When did this happen? Have I always been this way and just now noticed it, or is this new? Did I have some type of neurological event that has caused one side of my mouth to droop?

I think I must have always been this way and just now noticed it, and perhaps age is making everything more apparent.

No more modeling for me! LOL


Christine said...

LOL, I am sure you are still beautiful!

Kristen said...

So, I don't know how I missed out on this other blog of yours, but I have been meaning to ask for it. Wanna share?