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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting nervous

I started one of my online courses over the weekend. I only got part way through the first lesson because I don't have the text book. So, I followed the link and ordered it online, only to find that it won't come for 7-10 business days. Have I mentioned there IS a time limit for this class??? I think tomorrow I'll stop in the the school bookstore and see if they have it. If they do, I'll ask if I can buy the book there, and when my ordered one comes, return it to them for a refund. Never hurts to ask!

Tomorrow I start Human Anatomy, which is a real-life class. Saying I'm not at all nervous would be a huge understatement! I said to Dean, "Who will I talk to? Everyone will be younger than me. Maybe I'll make friends with the instructors?" He then, very gently informed me that most of the instructors will probably be younger than me.

Thanks honey.


My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Good for you!!! Don't worry about those youngsters. What they have in youthful smarts you have in experience. You'll do great!!

Sheila said...

It doesn't matter what age, you are smarter, more experienced and more determined than the rest - probably more than the teachers too. AND you look great!

Molly said...

Actually, My school has returning students, who are generally older. I LOVE working with them because they're more dedicated and smarter than the 20 year olds. lol

RoverHaus said...

Yeah, but all the younger people will be looking at you and asking themselves, 'who is this distinguished person here in our class?'

Hang in there!

Monica said...

LOL, I can totally picture Dean teasing you! with that comment! Hope it went well, I think it is awesome and inspiring, that you are doing this.

Shea said...

Hey I made friends with some 19 year old guy in my a&p 2 class. It was rumored our male instructor was gay. Anywho I gave the 19 year old guy dating advise for some girl he had the hots for, talked him into flirting with the instructor so we could get in the lab and......well sorta find out what we needed to be studying for the test. He came out with a red face and said, "we're in". While we were walking to the class I asked him why his polo was unbuttoned a few times.He said he didn't know how to flirt with man and thought it might help OMG!! He said, he asked if we could could in the lab and said, "hey big guy, how ya doin". I SWEAR I could not look at him for ever without bursting into laughter. He swore me to secrecy. BTW we bot got a's lol. Whenever we were in class I would call him big guy(the 19 year old) and the other 'kids' in the class would ask me what was up and we would look at each other and just burst into laughter. They probably thought WE had something going on lol.