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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am struggling

It's just with one class, but it's one of my bigger classes. Of course, it's too late to drop the course! UGH!

It doesn't help that the supplemental disk, which holds all the review material, is lost somewhere in my house. I know exactly when/where I saw it last, and then, POOF! It's just gone! I have turned the house upside down, and if it's here, it's well hidden.

Of course, I can't move forward without that darn disk! So, if you could offer up a prayer that it turns up tonight, I'd appreciate it.

And yes, I know those who know me are laughing because this happens to me ALL THE TIME!

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Jeri said...

Here is the prayer I'm saying, I depend on St.Anthony way more than I should....

St.Anthony, please come 'round
Something lost needs to be found.

Then, just let others know that he has helped.