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Thursday, September 24, 2009

2:20 a.m???

Why am I up??? Because an hour ago I finished my homework, and went to bed, only to lay there thinking about several VERY important things that MUST get done tomorrow, and freaking out that I would forget one of them! My heart started to race as I thought of all these things, and then kept remembering MORE!

Finally I got out of bed, made a list, and set it on the kitchen table. I put an exclamation point next to the couple of things that were most important. Then I realized every one of them needed an exclamation point. Then my heart started to race again.

And so, here I sit, because I can't wind down enough to get to sleep.

So, what are these important things that have to get done tomorrow?

Here's my list:

Pay the garbage bill, or they don't come on Friday.
Pay my health insurance premium or I don't have insurance for October.
Write a 500 word essay that's due tomorrow. (500 words is nothing, it's the topic that's a problem!)
Go online and fill out the rest of the financial aid forms before I get kicked out of school before I even take my first test.
Send a package for an order that came in yesterday.

Not on the list is "Take Angela to Sos", and "Step Class". (I have the feeling the step class is going to fall off my list, because I'll be too preoccupied to pay attention, and I'll end up tripping on my step and fall flat on my face!)

Oh yeah, and take a medical terminology test online. Oh, and be a mom to Angela. Oh, and be a wife, and think about what we're eating for dinner. Let the dogs in/out a few times.

Who's idea was it to go back to school, anyway???? One week. I have only been back in school one week. I'm not exhausted though. In fact, I've been quite energized! ALL the laundry is done, and the house is mostly clean. How can that be????? Those who know I have narcolepsy will laugh when I say, I'm hardly sleeping at all. Not because I don't want to, but because my brain just doesn't stop when I need it to. And yet, I'm afraid to take anything to help me sleep BECAUSE of past experiences. Before long it's all going to catch up to me, in a really bad way, I'm sure.

And now, I realize in the time it took my to write this post, I could have paid those two bills if I knew exactly where all the information was! LOL

Alright, enough. I'm going to try that sleeping game again.

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