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Monday, September 07, 2009

Bedazzle me

Angela is suddenly into shiny things! This might be because of the very cool jeans I bought her a couple days ago, that are now at the tailor getting 12 inches taken off the length, and getting rid of the but gap. LOL.

So, I'm looking for either a Bedazzler, or a Gemagic so we can do some fun stuff. But, I hate to spend the money on either of them if she's going to do it once then never want to touch it again. (Anyone need an Easybake Oven??????? What about an ice cream maker? Wooden train set?) I've looked on Craigslist, and found one, but it was already sold.

So, if you have one that your daughter no longer has any interest in, drop me a note!

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Kathie Brinkman said...

If the ice cream maker also makes frozen yogurt, I'll take it! Sorry no BEdazzler, but I do have a latch hook rug kit and a jewelry beader machine--to make necklaces, etc. I know exactly what you mean with the short interest span. Over the past 11 years we've spent thousands of dollars on toys, games, gadgets, crafts, etc. that Katie showed some intital interest in at a friends' house or therapy. But once I bought the thing for her the interest was gone after a day. The only thing I KNOW she has a sustained interest in is movies and Adventure in Odyssey CD's. Anything else ends up in the donate bag after a short time.So I don't buy toys for her anymore, she gets an allowance and if she saves up for stuff then she can spend her money on a new barbie or whatever that she'll end up wrecking within a day, losing, or getting tired of. Even the Webkinz from July is already on the out list! OH well. good luck.