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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yes, I did

Yes, I removed a post. (It is available in screen-shot form from lots of people.) First time ever in the history of my blog I have done it. However, if you think my blog post was the first time adoption authorities in other countries saw the letter I featured in the post, you are sadly uninformed and give me FAR more credit than I deserve! What my post DID did do was give people who know nothing about what goes on behind the scenes of one organization a little taste. An organization who claims to be run on Christian principals knowingly breaking the laws.

Now, a couple of things I must say:

1) I will not be posting comments to this post.

2) I have seen some very interesting screen shots in the last few days.  Facebook is public no matter how "private" you think a particular group is, and I have seen grown women who claim to be Christians threatening people with bodily harm. Don't think that won't come back to you.

3) I will continue to post truth on my blog.

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